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Organisation Types and Selections

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is made up of four publicly funded healthcare systems, in England it's simply named the NHS however, in Scotland and Wales it's NHS Scotland and NHS Wales respectively, while in Northern Ireland it's Health and Social Care (HSC).

Although each system operates independently and is politically accountable to its relevant government, there is no discrimination when a resident from one part of the UK requires treatment while in another.

The table below gives a breakdown of the type and number of organisations that make up the NHS

Type of Organisations Number of Organisations
Clinical Commissioning Group 208
Commissioning Support Service 7
Community Health Council 8
GP Surgery 8,902
Health & Social Care Board 5
Local Area Team 28
Local Education and Training Board 13
Local Health Board 7
National Board 14
NHS Direct 2
NHS Supplies 2
NHS Trust 239
NI Health & Social Care Trust 6
Scottish Community Health Partnership 31
Scottish Health Board 14
Special Health Authority 12

Total number of records available is 51,100

An extensive range of selection opportunities ensures that you can target precisely the right contact for your campaign, the file is broken down into the following sector and areas of responsibility:

CEO | Business Management | Central Administrative Services | Corporate/Strategic Planning | Customer Services | Freedom of Information | Operational Services | Quality Assurance

Health Promotion | Public Relations/Marketing

Emergency Services
Emergency Planning

Accounting | Central Financial Services


Blood Services | Care Home Inspection and Registration | Clinical Governance | Directorate Nursing Management | Hospital Infection Control | Matron | Medical Services | Midwifery | Nursing Services | Patient Advice and Liaison Service | Patient Safety | Practice Manager | Primary Care | Public Health | Senior GP | Sterile Services | Theatre Management

Central Computing | Network Management | Telecommunications

Domestic Services | Energy Management | Facilities/Property Management | Fleet & Transport Management | Health & Safety - Internal | Hospital Management | Laundry Services | Security

Legal/Law and Order
Central Legal Services

Library Services | Research/Information/Records Management

Audiology | Accident and Emergency | Acute | Anaesthetics | Cardiothoracic | Clinical Lead | Clinical Support | Community Care | Critical Care | Ear Nose and Throat | Elderly Care | Family Services | General Medicine | General Surgery | Medical/Clinical Department Manager | Mental Health / Learning Disabilities | Neurosciences | Obstetrics and Gynaecology | Occupational Therapy | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Orthodontics | Orthopaedics | Paediatrics | Palliative Care | Pathology | Pharmacy | Physiotherapy | Psychiatry | Psychology | Radiology | Rehabilitation | Rheumatology | Trauma | Urology | Women/Children | Consultant | Diabetes and Endocrinology | Hematology

Service Co-ordination & Partnerships

Personnel/Human Resources
Central Personnel Services | Equality Issues

Central Commissioning Services | Central Contract Management | Central Purchasing of Supplies

Social Services
All Adult and Children's functions, please request a breakdown

Central Staff Training

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