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Freeloader Opt-In Email Database

Freeloader Subscriber Database


1.06 million unexploited opt-in email addresses

FREELOADER.COM the highly successful Computer Games portal allows subscribers to download Retail Quality games completely FREE. The popularity of this site is demonstrated by the fact that the subscriber list is increasing by over 60,000 new members per month. Data Response Limited are appointed the exclusive managers for this unique and valuable database.

Opt-in Statement as displayed on the Freeloader website
"To continue to receive the best free service from please click here to opt-in to receive occasional emails from our third-party sponsors or advertisers"

Frequency of use
Data Response Limited is fully aware that the integrity of the data is impacted by over-use. To this end administrative procedures have been put in place to ensure that the individual data records are not emailed more than 4 times in a calendar month.

100% net names
You are only billed for emails that are successfully received.

Full service approach The fulfilment, delivery of the emails and post campaign management are all performed in-house at no additional cost.

Consists of the personalisation of all emails, the addition of a statement of origination and an unsubscribe mechanism.

Your message will be formatted for text, HTML, HTML Lite (for AOL users) or Rich Email to ensure the best display for every individual address.

Post Campaign Management
At the end of each broadcast you will automatically receive a report, which will allow you to analyse the campaign results.

Campaign Timings
Campaign turnaround is 3 to 5 working days.

The rate is 300 per 1000 payable prior to delivery. All prices are subject to VAT.

Preferences declared by subscribers include:

Computer Games, Computing, Travel, Sports, Cars, Music, Entertainment, Mobile Telephones, Online Shopping, Online Betting

The FREELOADER list is fully selectable by:

Age, Gender, Location, Occupation

90% Male 10% Female

Average age 26 years old

92% are PC owners

81% use the Internet daily

84% have or intend to purchase online

72% regularly download from the Internet

This list is kept highly interactive because FREELOADER mails the entire subscriber base each month;
but the list has never been commercially exploited until this point.
This unique subscriber base is typically difficult to reach. They are, generally, light TV users and broadbase advertising is not very effective in influencing buying behaviours of this group of medium-income, high-spending average 26 year olds.

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