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One of the most comprehensive and up to date, email to business databases around, comprising of 220,000 email addresses.

Data Response brings the comprehensive solution to email to business communication.

The email database, sourced from Companies House is enhanced via tele-research of the UK's most profitable companies to produce a dataset that includes the individual email addresses of the decision makers, who opt-in to receiving occasional unsolicited commercial email from our sponsors or advertisers. We firmly believe that by sending only relevant business information that will be of benefit to the receiptant, that we give each campaign the very best opportunity of realising its full protential. Generic email addresses i.e. sales@, info@ are not included in our transmission.

The database's extensive range of selection opportunities ensures that you can target precisely the right businesses and decision makers for your campaign, use the following options:

  • Business Activity US SIC 72, UK SIC 92, business description, key word search.
  • Geographic region, county, town, postcode, drive time.
  • Company Size Number of employees - company or site, sales turnover, net worth.
  • Trading Status plc, ltd, partnership, sole trader.
  • Group Status head office, single site, branch.
  • Group Indicators parent, subsidiaries.
  • International Trade import, export.
  • International Connections foreign, parent or subsidiaries.

Frequency of use
We are fully aware that the integrity of the data is impacted by over-use. To this end administrative procedures have been put in place to ensure that the individual data records are not emailed more than 4 times in a calendar month.

Full service approach
Our broadcasting solution offers the very best in advanced transmission technology, allowing us to monitor the lifespan of every email that we deliver.

100% net names
The delivery of the message is performed on a net names bases, which means that we will continue to send until the target quantity is achieved, therefore, you are only billed for emails that are successfully received.

Post Campaign Management
At the end of each broadcast you will automatically receive a report, which will allow you to fully analyse the campaign success. The post campaign report will be supplied consisting of the following:

  • Confirmation of the number sent
  • Number, opened
  • Number, of unique people who clicked on each link
  • Number, who have clicked on the same link more than once
  • Number, of 'send to a friend' feature is clicked
  • Number of unsubscribes

Payment The rate is £240 per 1000, which includes the broadcast of the message and is payable prior to delivery. All prices are subject to VAT.

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