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Targeting precisely the right consumers for your campaign means having access to a database that not only offers the volume of records you need, but also provides the selection flexibility that allows you to dictate exactly your target group.

ConsumerResponse encompasses all of the UK and consists of over:
  • 40 Million Individuals
  • 22 Million Households

The way we process the data, the attention to detail we employ and the procedures the data is subjected to, all go to ensure that we achieve the level of accuracy you demand. All records are verified against:

  • Electoral Role
  • Movers File
  • Goneaway File

A host of selection opportunities allows you to specify precisely the right contacts for your campaign, these include:

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Home owner
  • Tenant
  • Length of residency
  • Household composition

Geographic options are:

  • Region
  • County
  • Town
  • Postcode
  • Drive Time
  • Local Authority
  • UK Constituency
  • Euro Constituency
  • TV region

The base data consists of:

  • Salutation
  • Initial
  • Surname
  • Address
  • Postcode

If it's lifestyle data you require, a wide range of categories are available to choose from, use the sample below as a starting point:

Alcohol drinkers Gardeners
Arts Health / Beauty
Car owners Hobbies / Crafts
Charitable donators Holidays / Travel
Cinema / Theatre goers Insurance
Collectors Mail order buyers
Computer users (home) Mobile phone users
Dining out Music
DIY / Home improvement Outdoor interests
Finance / Investments Pet owners
Food / Drink Photography
Frequent Flyers Shareholders

Pricing per thousand
Base rental £110.00
Lease 12 months £235.00
Telephone numbers £80.00
Outright purchase £480.00
Selections £15.00
Output of additional fields £25.00
Output & Delivery £45.00

All prices are subject to VAT.
Minimum order quantity is 5000 records.
Delivery will be 3 to 5 working days.

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